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About Plant Taine

Plant Taine is a full-service upscale Caribbean restaurant located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The concept is to create an exceptional space where the service, ambience, meal, and drink offering transports every visitor on an indulgent trip to the Caribbean.  

Plant Taine aims to elevate value in the hospitality space through its offerings, dishes are made without compromise using fresh quality produce, the supply chain is strictly managed to ensure only the safest, freshest quality products ends up on plates.  Advance cooking methods are adapted to enhance Caribbean dishes whilst using refined plating techniques to create a fine dining experience.

Drinks are also prepared with indulgent love using the finest liquors and freshest produce.

The service at Plant Taine is synonymous of the warm welcoming sea breeze of a calm sunny day on the white sandy beaches of a Caribbean Island.

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Mission Statement

Creating sunshine with every dish made in its most organic and natural form, to be served decadently with upmost customer care in an environment that invokes the spirit of dreamy “Island” living, whist ensuring that every pillar within the business promotes and support the four pillars of sustainability (our people, our patrons, our community and the environment) which maintains our business of sustainable luxury.

Vision Statement

To create an international brand that promotes sustainability beyond the table, that is immersed in the production of quality natural food, ethically sourced ingredients and sustainable business practices for all in its supply chain. 

Value Statement

As a business our values are deeply rooted in the respect of our world and all that inhabits it, we solemnly believe it is the responsibility of every earth dweller, businesses alike to take action to support and promote the wellbeing of the environment, its communities, its staff, and its patrons. At Plant Taine this signifies true value.

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